Sorry, but my new site is under construction

Please don't let that last sentance cause your brain to freeze. All of the pertinent info about me is below.

Currently, I am actively seeking permanent or contract work in the train corridor between Wilmington, DE and Manhattan.

My Updated Resume

Yes, that is a link to my resume. Click it to download a Word DOC.

My Old Flash Site

Prior to everyone hiring me as a developer, I made made my living as a designer and Photoshop/3D artist with a liberal dose of multimedia & motion graphics thrown in for fun. Visit there to see some of my best work before I became known as a coder.

The Intro to My New Site

This isn't the final, but it's pretty close to it. It was done in Adobe Edge Animate.

About me

Professional artist/designer for over 3 decades. Since 2004, exclusively hand-coding web/multimedia design and development has become career focus with emphasis on agile methodologies, user interface/user experience design & development, information architecture, emerging web technologies (CSS3, HTML5), cross-browser quality assurance, direct interaction with clients/stakeholders and acting as a liaison between creative and tech departments. Has worked for magazines, large corporations, agencies, design studios and tech companies doing digital illustration, 3D, digital audio & video, motion graphics, web & interactive design & development.

Most recently, I worked as a UI/UX Developer at David's Bridal in Conshohocken, PA, but a round of corporate belt tightening eliminated a number of employees including me. I can, though, provide glowing references from my former supervisors.

Designer or Developer? Both, actually...

I'm quite often asked whether I'm a designer or a developer. Given that I started as a designer in 1981 and began coding web pages in 1999, I qualify as and am equally comfortable doing both.

Interactive Portfolio

My latest work is at the top. For several companies in my resume (most notably, SAP), I unfortunately no longer have active links to the work I did since that content has been omitted from their sites during updates.

David's Bridal 2013-2014
As the first Front End Developer brought on as a C-2-hire, my responsibilities were manifold, but I was used primarily as a UX/UI design resource as well as coder for any and every aspect of the HTML/CSS/interactivity for their sites and online apps . I also served as a liaison between the Marketing and Dev departments. The cornerstone of my first month at the company was the successful launch of their 1st interactive web prototype for in-store bridal registration using an Apple iPad. Redesign 2010
My title was Web Content Manager for, but, in my year working for them, I became their go-to HTML/CSS/multimedia person. I was the lead for the HTML, CSS and UI/UX coding and optimization (including SEO and browser compatibility back to IE6) of the templates for their new site.

EC2 2009
The Greenview site was to be a portal for their clients allowing them to manage their energy use and monitor their solar arrays. The company stopped my work mid-project due to budget problems.

StudioETC 2008
I was was brought in to help with the redesign as well as develop all of the code in whirlwind fashion for the rebranding of their business (formerly StudioEEC). I guess they really like it because it's not changed much since my original release.

NJEA 2008
Initial front end design and coding for use with Xigla CMS - company lost account before implemented on site.

Athertyn 2008
the client changed design direction 2 days before original launch, scrapped a much nicer design and I was then told to build this site with a soundtrack player (abandoned at the end of build) which is why the site is mostly in an i-frame. Unfortunately, the nice Flash splash page with animation and a really cool theme song that I created was taken down after one year.
Here is the original site that I designed for Athertyn.

SangKee Asian Bistro 2006
This was a spec design for a Flash web site. The restaurant, which has wonderful food, had a terrible web site. I contacted the owner with the design and he liked it a great deal. Unfortunately, he wanted a $20,000 web site for less than $2,000. The project never went forward.

Megamedia/Brooks Quantim CD-ROM interface 2006

Music 2006
Music from a truly wonderful, but ill-fated music project. Enjoy!

Quick Links to movies on my site. You will need Apple's Quicktime to watch these (got a Mac, an iPod or iTunes? You're good). Due to a gamma bug in Quicktime H.264 files, the movies only display correctly in Firefox at the moment.

About Me 2005
A none-too-serious look at the artist in his native habitat.

My Cheap, Interim Demo Reel 2005
My second demo reel. Done with After Effects, Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro, Cubase and a healthy amount of Scotch tape and bailing wire.

Photoshop 606 2005
A quick tutorial about how to make an exploding Snickers bar in Photoshop. Produced with over 100 layers in After Effects and a soundtrack done in Cubase.

"Wormhole" Demo 1999
My first demo reel. Animation done in Electric Image, compositing and additional animation in After Effects, editing in Premiere and music produced in Cubase.

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